November 16, 2006


The translation of "starkish" from English to Maori was submitted earlier today. This translation was provided by Maori Television's Language Department, and has been confirmed by the School of Maori and Pacific Development at Waikato University. It is in the process of being confirmed by the Maori Language Commission. Although with two reputable sources, it can now be shared with you.

Huatau which means, someone or something that is "elegant, attractive and has a sense of style."

As starkish means, "anyone or anything exhibiting a sense of good proportion and taste", 'huatau' is a fairly accurate translation into Maori.


Rerenga said...

'Starkish'? Never heard of it...

And wow, this is the first time I've actually had to check the Maori word to know what an English word meant...o_O

That's saying something!

- Rerenga

Anonymous said...

Ka wani kee! E te hoa, he huringa kupu koorero teenei hei whakaohoho i a taatou katoa, tau kee!

Mat Taare

Anonymous said...

Ko huatau aku matua

Anonymous said...