November 23, 2006

Stark meets YouTube.

New blog.

After a few days of quiet from the world of starkish, a new blog has been sighted on the horizion. It looks to have been created by those that were behind the online petition drive to get 'starkish' in the dictionary.

November 20, 2006


A petition has begun to get 'starkish' in the Oxford English Dictionary. Click here to sign the petition and join the quest to get starkish in the book!

November 17, 2006


A few days late, but finally both starkish Mediawatch segments are available. Click here to listen to Mediawatch for the 5th November, and here to listen to the 12th November edition.

Summer Collection.

Boutique New Zealand fashion label Moochi launched their summer collection to a select group of customers at their High Street store last night. The store was packed for this very starkish unveiling of the new collection. However, not only were the clothes on show, but so was a very starkish refreshment.

November 16, 2006


The translation of "starkish" from English to Maori was submitted earlier today. This translation was provided by Maori Television's Language Department, and has been confirmed by the School of Maori and Pacific Development at Waikato University. It is in the process of being confirmed by the Maori Language Commission. Although with two reputable sources, it can now be shared with you.

Huatau which means, someone or something that is "elegant, attractive and has a sense of style."

As starkish means, "anyone or anything exhibiting a sense of good proportion and taste", 'huatau' is a fairly accurate translation into Maori.

The (starkish) country.

The starkisms just keep rolling in, like this one sent in from Tauranga. Journalist Tommy Kapai, from the Bay of Plenty Times,
came acorss the word and decided to use it an article, reporting to Mediawatch that 'starkish', "fitted like a verbal velvet glove".

November 15, 2006


Starkish has kindly been translated by a ligustics expert, into phoentics. Starkish in phonetics is:

November 12, 2006

Big Apple Update.

The trip to New York has been won by an Auckland George FM DJ, Francis Hooper. Hooper won the New York prize as he dedicated his entire Saturday afternoon show to the word starkish.

November 11, 2006


Although the reason behind starkish has been revealed , starkish sightings are still rolling in. This one was sent in from a shopper at the RedQueen stall at Aotea Square markets earlier today.

November 10, 2006


"After weeks of excitement and controversy surrounding a campaign in which the media was invited to incorporate into their work an invented word - 'starkish', meaning a sense of proportion and good taste." It has all finally been revealed here.

November 09, 2006

Big Apple.

With more media attention about 'starkish' each day, it seems as if no one has heard or reported who won the PR promotion. The PR company had, as quoted from the New Zealand Herald, "offered media employees the chance to win a trip to New York for using a newly created word, starkish." However, according to the Breakfast report yesterday, the winner is "about to be announced." Any idea as to who won, and what they did?

November 08, 2006


On TVNZ's Breakfast show earlier this morning, presenter Paul Henry led a discussion with Deborah Hill Cone and Russell Brown, debating the recent starkish hype. View the clip here.

November 07, 2006

Son of Stark, little Starkish.

Check out this small perfectly formed starkism, running in the classified section of yesterday's NZ Herald.

Not so starkishly serious.

Still no word on exactly what the 'starkish' PR promotion is for. In the meantime it's been interesting watching journalists respond to it. While some have reacted to it with outrage, a few have had a bit of fun with it instead. Check out this very wry post from Damian Christie at Public Address about his ethical wrestle with the starkish dilemma.

Starkish bidding.

A starkism discovered on Trade Me where someone using the word to sell a pair of Sass and Bide's.

November 06, 2006

Zoom, zoom.

Due to demand, threadless designer illustrate has asked if a close-up of the starkish t-shirt be hosted on this site. More than happy to help, so here it is:

November 05, 2006


Ponsonby Road store Republic gets in on the starkish phenomenon.

November 04, 2006


Arguably one of the coolest starkisms discovered thus far, someone has submitted a very starkish t-shirt up on . If the shirt gets enough votes the mad cats at threadless will print and sell the shirt, so jump on the site, create an account and vote like there's no tomorrow.

November 03, 2006

Starkish is my look.

Fashion label Moochi are now using the word in their recent advertising. Is all the recent activity of 'starkish' confirming that this is more than just a word and we are indeed witnessing the birth of a new cultural movement? It does seem that way.


New Zealand band, Kolab has joined this starkish phenomenon, with posters spotted in Auckland City publicising their recent gig as "the most starkish event this side of summer." Even included in this radio spot.


After a long and arduous battle the starkish article seems to have been removed from wikipedia.

The Starkish plot thickens.

Rumour has it that Philippe Starck is planning to open a Hotel in the Nuffield St district. Is this the reason for the explosion of starkisms around Auckland in the past few weeks, or just a coincidence? Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

Adhesive Starkism.

These photos arrived in the inbox this morning. Sadly, they were only up for a few days before the Auckland City Council pulled them down. They're quite nice, any ideas who put them up, or why?

November 02, 2006


Starkish has hit the radio. This first and second clip from 91ZM was sent in a few days ago, and now finally have managed to upload it.

November 01, 2006

Pony Club.

Starkish used in review of new Auckland bar, Pony Club.