October 30, 2006


The debate continues. Should starkish be listed on internet encyclopedia site wikipedia? Sent into us earlier today was a link to the starkish page on wikipedia, which is currently being considered for deletion.

Currently posted on wikipedia for starkish is as follows:
'Starkish' Is more than just a word, it is on its way to becoming a cultural movement. It has emerged as a counter-cultural response to a perceived flood of visual, verbal and pop-cultural dross within urban societal frameworks.

Starkish describes various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped of its unnescessary parts, down to its most fundamental features and core self expression. It has been used to describe the comedy/drama film Junebug, works of art from New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell and fashion from Karen Walker.

There is heated debated as to who first coined this term, as no one is entirely certain as to who first used it, or what the exact definition of it is. Many popular artists and fashion labels across Australia and New Zealand have been credited with coining "Starkish", which they have used the word in the popular context that "starkish" is "tasteful" and "stylish" almost bordering on "minimalism".

The term "starkish" can also refer to anything or anyone that has been rendered starkish or expressed in a manner that is considered starkish.
Is the word merely a word, or because of its increased use in society, should it be allowed on wikipedia to document the birth of a possibly new cultural movement?

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Anonymous said...

I heard it the other day when a friend was talking about this jacket. Pretty cool jacket, 'twas plain with really cool detail.