October 28, 2006

More than a word.


What is it? There has been a lot of recent buzz about this new word 'starkish' in New Zealand. The recent surge in popularity of the word has seen it used by the media, DJs and bands, and as of now, it even has a site dedicated to finding out exactly what exactly 'starkish' is.

Currently there is a lot of confusion to what it means. Whether it is a new slang word adopted by popular culture or if it has emerged as a movement (like that of 'minimalism'). However, how did this term come about? After a quick check on Urban Dictionary this meaning was found:

"starkish. adj. 'Anyone or anything exhibiting a sense of good proportion and taste.'"

Examples of the proper use of the word found on the site included: "Wow, you're looking starkish tonight." "Snapped up someone Starkish yet?" "Yeah, she is really starkish."

This in mind, who qualifies (or what for that matter) as being "starkish"? Does Paris Hilton qualify as starkish? One could argue no, as she definitely doesn't "exhibiting a sense of taste".

Not only has the word appeared in newspapers such as The New Zealand Hearld and Sunday Star-Times, but also on TV One's Breakfast show. Where it was used to describe comedy/drama film Junebug. It also has been found being used around Auckland city. There have been sightings of the word being used around one of Auckland's 'trendy' suburbs, Ponsonby, along with other sightings High Street and Parnell.

Are we witnessing a neologism or much more, the growth of a movement within our pop-cultural sphere?

This site was created to provide an open debate on "starkish" if you love it or hate it, or never even heard of it! Your thoughts, sightings and own personal variations are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

yeah I've seen this written across some seat along Ponsonby Road and heard it on the radio a few times, but I was told it was started in wellington not auckland.

Anonymous said...

wasn't it some PR campaign?

Anonymous said...

was that in the nz herald?

Anonymous said...

there is loads of stickers on ponsonby road!!?? what's this all about???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is 'starkish' like 'classy'?.. i.e. if you've ever used the word in conversation, it probably doesn't apply to you.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I heard a shop assistant say it the other day and when I asked what she meant she said it was slang for effortless cool.